Wednesday, 20 July 2011

How to Listen

  1. Pay attention
  2. Don’t talk
  3. Don’t think about your reply while the other person is still speaking
  4. Pause before replying
  5. Think about what the other person has said
  6. If it’s helpful, say back to them what you understood they said
How do you excel at listening?  What do you do badly?  What tips can you share to listen better?


  1. I agree completely. Particularly if the person speaking is a member of your staff, you need to make them realise that it is their space and they are empowered to use it as they wish. I used to take my watch off to avoid any suggestion that I might glance at it and convey the impression that time was bounded. Wise words.

  2. Hi Mike

    Wise words that are not always easy to follow. I no longer use a watch but rely on my mobile phone for the time. A glance at a phone is even worse, as one might be thought to be checking email or text messages. Putting the thing out of reach is an excellet idea!