Friday, 15 January 2010

Happy Birthday Getting to Excellent

Getting to Excellent is celebrating its first birthday today. Blogs are a little different to people, celebrations tend to be low key, without cakes or candles, with much more emphasis on statistics, particularly if you are a blog who loves metrics.

Since 15th January 2009 Getting to Excellent has had:

• 3,540 visits
• 6,207 page views
• 163 blog posts (almost one every other day)

The most popular post was the first post - “All Things Measurable” which I guess is where people go to find out what the blog is all about. The second most popular post was “4 Immediate Benefits of Giving Up Caffeine” which would be a little disappointing, if the data mining post hadn’t come very close behind it.

In truth, I’ve often been surprised what people have been interested in. Nuclear fusion was a popular theme, as was tips for meeting deadlines. I suppose, like me, people are concerned with the big things in life (like how our children are going to heat their homes in winter) and the little things like how to get this report out by the end of the day - and whether drinking coffee makes as much of a difference as they say.

I don’t have a statistic for the number of comments on the blog, but there have been plenty. Debates about how to measure the performance of local government councillors, how much emphasis should be given to quantifiable measurement as well as general “like it” or “not sure” comments. Comments and debate bring a blog alive and I hope many more people will add their views and experiences to Getting to Excellent in 2010.

So, Getting to Excellent isn’t a baby any more. It is starting to become a little blog in its own right with its own personality and opinions. As it finds its feet in 2010 it is going to be interesting to see how it grows up.


  1. Happy 1st Birthday 'Getting to Excellent'.
    I look forward to learning more of metrics this year. Can you measure everything?

  2. Getting to Excellent has had Happy Birthday wishes by text, by tweet, and now by comment. Comments are definitely the best! Thank you - just planning a quiet evening counting the things you can count. So I'll let you know!