Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Getting to know me

Being a good leader has many facets. The ability to set out a vision, create a strategy, and keep everyone on course throughout the inevitable difficulties are all components of leadership. One less commonly discussed aspect of leadership is the ability to know oneself.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, whatever our role or purpose in business or in life. The key is to understand oneself well enough to know when and what to delegate, and how to manage ourselves so that we can best facilitate the work that needs to be done. Whether you work in a micro business or a multi-national conglomerate, the better you understand yourself the better you will be able to work with others.

One interesting aspect of getting to know oneself is that of becoming a role model. It is all too easy to issue instructions to others for this or the other to be done, it is much more difficult to lead from the front – to show rather than tell. It is also a great deal more effective.

Working on being a role model has the great benefit of showing up our strengths and weaknesses, highlighting with horrible ease what needs to be worked on – both within the organisation and within ourselves. Because isn’t it always true that the most difficult work to be done is inevitably within ourselves?


  1. Caroline

    Agree it starts inside albeit that is often quite hard, we can chat over a curry sometime. I would like to ask what prompted your reflection? Also clear that this thread links to emotional intelligence.


  2. Hi

    Berlin School of Management wrote a piece called Six Pillars of Creative Leadership and the first pillar is about Leading Yourself. It resonated with me and I think history has shown that great leaders are role models in one way or another.