Friday, 9 December 2016

She's back!

Inspired by a quote from Seth Godin, Getting to Excellent is back. My intention was always to think and blog about how people create extraordinary businesses; cathedrals in their field. Seth Godin, who thinks deeply about such things said “You’re either remarkable or invisible.” He is not far off. Huge numbers visit Notre Dame when they are in Paris, relatively few see La Madeleine despite its fascinating history and Parthenon-like fa├žade.

It’s almost eight years since Getting to Excellent first appeared, and over a year since I last posted. Despite my absence (or perhaps because of it) hundreds of people read Getting to Excellent posts.

So in spite of the risk of reducing readership, I'm back ....


  1. Welcome back. I really appreciated your posts - I hope you haven't succumbed to caffeine again. Paul

  2. Ah - you lived through the caffeine experiment? And you are still reading? Wow, that shows true grit! I am back on caffeine, but much reduced, and only green tea. I show it a great deal more respect these days ...

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