Tuesday, 21 May 2013

6 Ways to Boost your Energy Levels at Work

No matter how well organized your “to do list”, it’s not going to help unless you have the energy and drive to get everything done.  So here’s six of the best to get more “get up and go” into your day:

  1. More exercise.  It’s counter intuitive, but really works.  Whilst you may be tired after the exercise, over a period of time it gives you more energy, more get up and go, and more resilience to cope with whatever gets thrown at you.  Walking or running at lunchtime has the added advantage of giving some thinking time, and a complete break from the computer screen.
  2. Less alcohol.  Although relaxing with a glass of wine or three at the end of the day is tempting, it tends to make the following day a little less dynamic.  Alcohol disrupts sleep, and takes the edge off your energy.  Best avoided during the week if you want to disappear early on Friday with a clear desk.
  3. More vegetables and fruit.  In that order.  Most of us don’t have a problem with eating enough fruit – these days it’s grown to be sweet and delicious.  For increased vitality try adding more vegetables; raw or lightly cooked.  Try small amounts of nuts and seeds for snacks.
  4. Less caffeine.  Tea and coffee is fine in moderation, but too much has a negative effect on energy.  You don’t notice it immediately, but little by little it creeps up.  Caffeine also affects your sleep and your mood, so knowing your limit will boost your energy levels.  Long standing Getting to Excellent readers – don’t say a word!
  5. More water.  It’s easy to get out of the habit of drinking water, but I always find it helpful when I remember.  There’s a lot of discussion out there in cyber space about how much water we should drink a day, but I think it’s fair to say that most of us could do with a few more glasses of water, and fewer cups of coffee or green tea.
  6. Less untidiness.  I sound like my mother now, but tidiness does help.  Working in a clear space calms the mind and reduces distractions.  So I’m told – this is work in progress for me! 

I’ve read lots of wonderful tips like splashing cold water onto your face, changing your socks and more besides.  But when you are feeling tired it’s the last thing you want to do.  For me at least, improving my energy levels is something I work at over a number of weeks and months. 

What’s your experience of working at your best?  Do share ….

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