Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Goals in Theory and Goals in Practice

January is a time for resolutions. I’m not immune to Thinking Big about all the things I will achieve in a New Year. But this year I have a more pressing problem – a goal I set myself almost a year ago. 10 months ago to be precise. Because it seemed like A Good Idea at the Time, I also roped in a couple of friends so that I couldn’t squelch my way out of the commitment.

Only now, 10 months later, can I see the full brilliance of my dreadful plan. Yup, it’s almost half marathon time again!

Last March I set myself the goal of running Reading Half Marathon. Although I ran (including a bit of walking, limping and moaning like mad) the Henley Half Marathon, that was A Long Time Ago. Three months ago in fact; that’s three months of focusing almost entirely on holiday and Christmas Carbohydrate Loading.

So now all my goals in theory have caught up with me, and the true horror of goals in practice is staring me blankly in the face.
  • Two months to lose some weight.
  • Two months to run further than the end of the road.
  • Two months to find some running shoes that don’t give me blisters.
  • Two months to salvage some small amount of self-respect amongst family and friends who listen to me talk as though I actually can run.
So this is where theory meets practice. Having set the goal, persuaded my friends to join me, and paid the entrance fee, the whole lunatic idea has got a momentum that I can only follow, huffing and puffing and wishing I were anywhere else instead.

As an old colleague once said “Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true”. Oh, my!


  1. Sharing a goal is halfway towards acheiving it Caroline!

  2. Yes I have just started running again, mainly to lose weight and get some exercise. I use to like it many years ago. But after 4 outings I strained my calf and I am now out for a while. My advice is to make sure you warm up or, even though you are a lot younger than me, you could do yourself some damage if you try to do things too quickly.

  3. Come on Caroline ... you can do it! Trainers polished up and off you go ... will be cheering you on!

  4. Thank you all for advice and encouragement. Running is a constant struggle against injuries and illness, plus of course the willpower to get out there and actually run! It's taken over a month to shake off the bug I caught at Christmas, but I might just be ready to get back on the track!

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