Friday, 28 May 2010

Where is Business Intelligence Heading?

It seems that organisations are increasingly falling into one of two camps:
  1. Those with a strong information-based culture of decision making
  2. Those working to achieve an information-based culture
I guess there might be a third category of businesses who believe they are managing just fine as they are, but they are certainly swimming against the tide.

If Microsoft is correct in their predictions of the way the market is heading, BI and Performance Management will be in the hands of those who need the information before too long. In the same way that Excel democratized number crunching, BI tools are climbing down from their lofty positions above ordinary folk doing ordinary jobs making ordinary decisions. Ordinary folk want and need better information to make their not-so-ordinary decisions that make or break businesses every day.

I suspect information transparency and performance management will become the big issues of the decade within medium and large sized companies. And what the big boys are doing today, smaller businesses will be doing tomorrow. So the information-based culture is something that will affect everyone at some point.

Social media tools like wikis, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the public and high profile tip of the iceberg. Under the surface there are many businesses working hard to ensure information flow gets better and more productive. Costs are coming down, and tools are getting better. It won’t be long before those without the right information to do their jobs well will be wanting to know why …

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