Thursday, 13 May 2010

SharePoint 2010 - here at last!

Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 was released yesterday. For me it has been a very long wait. SharePoint 2010 includes a new feature called Performance Point Services, which enable users to create dashboards and track KPIs. It is exciting stuff. We’ve been running the beta for some time, so it will be great to cut across to the full version.

I celebrated by attending a BI seminar at Microsoft yesterday. Well, I didn’t quite celebrate as my running schedule didn’t allow me to have a glass of celebratory champagne, but the quality of the presentations more than made up for it. Rafal Lukawiecki presented a day packed with demos and explanation of what Microsoft’s Business Intelligence suite was capable of. It was really inspiring.

Business intelligence is a discipline that is still very much in the hands of the IT department and far too few business users. Yet if Microsoft’s vision is realised, it will be as prevalent as spreadsheets are today. Better and faster information for all. I’ll drink to that. At least I would, if I was allowed to …

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