Thursday, 20 May 2010

Lateness comes before a fall

Taking up running has been interesting to say the least: interesting in just how difficult it is (not as fit or as slim as I used to be) and interesting in how it has changed my life. Saturday mornings used to mean a slow start to the day after a busy week, these days they mean a prompt start to get to the banks of the Thames for a 9am run.

Unfortunately last Saturday also taught me the importance of being on time. Not because it’s important to be on time, which of course it is, but important because it gives time to prepare before running. Which, as everyone except me knows, is tremendously important. To cut a short story even shorter, last Saturday I was late for the 5K Park Run and twisted my ankle in my enthusiasm to start with everyone else. After pounding my ankle for 5 happy kilometres, it is now paying me back as only unhappy ankles know how.

I am now hobbling painfully to see the doctor and have already been warned that I am likely to be off running for quite a few weeks. The disappointment is almost as painful as the ankle.

So once I stop feeling sorry for myself, and can walk again, I’ll be trying to get it strong enough to resume training. But not before quite a few races have come and gone. That's one training schedule that will need reworking! Oh woe is me!

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