Friday, 30 April 2010

Running a marketing campaign

Yesterday I admitted that I’d joined a running club. I’ve kept my baby running steps a secret for a couple of months because I wanted to see just how awful I would be at this whole running lark. Well, it turns out I’m seriously dreadful. For dreadful read slow, overweight and rather stiff. I’m out of practice, out of shape and a bit of an embarrassment out on the track.

But I’ve got a secret weapon. (You knew I would, didn’t you?) I’ve set myself a target. Anyone who lived through the caffeine saga knows I’m not easily put off once I’ve got a target in mind. Before anyone thinks I’d be mad enough to run a marathon, let me quickly dissuade you from that notion. But I am going to have a go at a half marathon next year, which from where I’m sitting looks quite big, hairy and audacious enough.

I think there are parallels with marketing and business - what we aim for affects what we ultimately achieve. It may not necessarily be what we set out to achieve, because there are just so many variables that could get in the way. But the higher we aim, the more we are likely to achieve.

I’ve no idea whether I will succeed in running the Reading half marathon next year or not. I could get injured, I might not be physically up to it, or the running club might actually stop me from entering. Who knows? What I do know is that by setting my goal at 21k, I am already pushing myself much harder than I would if I had, for example, decided to enter a 5k race.

I’ve already run further than I’d ever imagined I could, even though it was slower than most people ever imagined a human being could run. But it’s a good first step. As is the redesign of a web site, or a telemarketing campaign, or attending a networking event in achieving a marketing objective. Step by step, once we know where we are going and why, we can move towards our goals.

Needless to say marketing and business seem a great deal easier compared to running, which is seriously difficult. And, well, just so much effort! But I’ve started, so one way or another I’m going to finish.


  1. Wow Caroline, I'm impressed and I look forward to reading more about the 'running habit'. Way to go girl! I watched the London marathon this year. Impressive! Will you be looking for sponsors next year? ... no pressure :-)

  2. Don't be too impressed - I've got to do it yet!!! But the more people I tell, the more committed I am, so I guess I can't back out now. At the moment I'm heading for the record books as the world's slowest runner ... but I guess there is still time!