Monday, 26 April 2010

It's a Digital World!

Internet World is a major London exhibition for digital marketing. With Facebook now topping over 400m active users and Twitter with 75m users, it’s tempting to wonder what other sort of marketing there is. Certainly no business can afford to ignore online marketing.

Some companies excel at eMarketing. Dell Computers are a great example of a company that is embracing social media and one of the few companies who are successfully selling through Twitter. Although the blogosphere is divided as to how profitable those sales are currently, there is little doubt that getting in early and understanding how social media works is likely to pay dividends in the longer term.

So with an eye to checking out the latest trends, the newest software as well as meeting some customers and competitors, I’ll be at InternetWorld over the next couple of days. As web marketing is changing fast, I’ll be trying to sort the hype from the next big thing. It should be interesting!

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