Friday, 5 March 2010

What are your core competencies?

Which competencies are essential for success in your business?

Business competencies are the things we are not only good at, but better than your competition. Being good at things, therefore, is an important part of succeeding.

Of course there are many, many things we have to be good at to succeed in business - time management, financial control, relationship management, etc. The list will be long and varied. Also, perhaps, quite interesting to see how many skills are needed for you and your team to do your jobs.

Core competencies are different, however. These are the things that you build your reputation on: the things that you want your customers to remember. The things that if you do them very well ensure your customers choose your business rather than another.

So from that long list of things you could do very well, you need to choose a few that you will do very well, and compete on those. They are your core competencies that will have your competition wondering how you manage to achieve such good service or make such good products.

Suddenly, competencies start being a powerful and important part of your business. Not just things you take for granted.


  1. Learning is the ultimate competence for the 21st century irrespective of industry, sector or field.....or for that matter whether employed or not.
    Downloading shed loads of stuff from the net is not learning but responsing to blog posts probably is so I'll pop out shortly and get my L plates.......and there's the nub of it. None of us like to be considered or labelled as learners let alone incompetent. Much has been written amd spent on the idea of Life Long Learning and Learning Organisations yet the discomfort with being a learner remains!

  2. ....seems I need to learn to respond with a response!