Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Jump up and down metrics

Many businesses use metrics or KPIs to measure their performance. Metrics are vital if you want to understand your current performance levels, and where you need to improve. And most business leaders want to improve. They want their people to perform well, be happy in their work, and contribute great ideas to strengthen their companies.

So why are metrics considered boring? Why do we not jump up and down in excitement at the possibilities that metrics show us?

The answer is that metrics are often imposed rather than figured out together.

When metrics are worked out in the spirit of learning they become a tool to help improvement, a way to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and a way for everyone to get involved in improving whatever it is you are trying to improve.

Metrics that are figured out together have more chance of being the right metrics for the job: teams are great at plugging the gaps in others’ thinking, and creating lively debate that highlights the good or bad in any idea.

So if you want your metrics to get everyone jumping up and down with excitement at the possibility of it all, make your metrics inclusive and focused on learning.

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