Monday, 21 December 2009

7 Immutable Laws of Getting to Excellent

Getting to Excellent is almost a year old and it’s the end of the year: a natural time for reflection and review. During my first year of blogging I’ve thought quite a lot about what improves performance. My views have changed little during the year, if anything I've become more convinced of the importance of performance management in business.

So here are my end of year 7 immutable laws of performance management:
  1. The Law of Knowing what Excellence is
  2. The Law of Planning for Excellence
  3. The Law of Measuring Excellence
  4. The Law of Excellent Binary Milestones
  5. The Law of Excellent Visibility (showing visible progress)
  6. The Law of Excellent Reviews
  7. The Law of Recognising Excellence (when good work is achieved)
Each one is a great deal easier to say than to do, and each one contains a wealth of opportunity or pitfalls.

As 2010 approaches, and a brave new decade dawns, the 7 Immutable Laws of Getting to Excellent provide a checklist in striving for excellence in our work and our businesses. Or have I missed something? In which case, let me know ....

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