Monday, 24 August 2009

Are you an Imagineer?

Walt Disney once famously said “If you can imagine it, you can do it.”

Disney was certainly not the first to realise that before anything of value can be created it must first be envisioned. Someone has to imagine what the world would be like with their idea.

Walt Disney did not employ engineers, he employed Imagineers: people whose job it was to make dreams come true.

It is tempting to think we are best employed doing things; after all there is always a myriad of things to be getting on with. Day dreamers are, on the whole, not highly thought of. What’s required is action – getting on with things and getting things done. Of course that’s true, things do need to be done, otherwise no one would realise their dreams.

By all accounts Walt Disney was a persistent chap – by the age of 22 he had failed in business already. He didn’t let it stop him, though, he just started over again, even more determined to succeed.

It’s worth taking a leaf out of Disney’s book – and letting our imaginations have the time and space to think about what the world would be like if our dreams were realised. And perhaps asking whether enough determination is going in to make those dreams come true.

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