Tuesday, 24 March 2009

How to work better

Peter Fischli and David Weiss are two talented Swiss artists. A couple of year’s ago I was lucky enough to see their retrospective at the Tate Modern gallery in London. Not only was the exhibition just wonderful, but just as I was about to leave I noticed a stencilled list.

You might know the piece I’m talking about – it’s called “
How to Work Better”. It’s a 10 point list with wise and wonderful points about, errr, how to work better. And they bring me back to centre every time. I have it framed on my office wall and love it to bits.

It’s supposed to be ironic, but that’s missed on me. I just think it’s a great list. So if you don’t already know it – here are their 10 points:

How to work better
  1. Do one thing at a time

  2. Know the problem

  3. Learn to listen

  4. Learn to ask questions

  5. Distinguish sense from nonsense

  6. Accept change as inevitable

  7. Admit mistakes

  8. Say it simple

  9. Be calm

  10. Smile

1 comment:

  1. I am trying to keep calm and I have accepted that change is inevitable so would like to admit a mistake in that I trying to distinguish sense from nonsense I have achieved the latter by posting a reply to the above 10 points on an altogether different part of this blog!

    It seems I'm having a senior moment.

    Let's see if this post appears as a response to
    "How to work better" (24MAR09) -- if it doesn't then clearly I will need to repeat steps two and four!!