Thursday, 15 January 2009

All things measurable

Does the world need another blog? Not exactly; but it’s got one anyway.

Welcome to Getting to Excellent!

Getting to Excellent will be thoughts, rants and ramblings about the world of performance management, business intelligence, key performance indicators, scorecards, dashboards, metrics, and all things measurable as well as a few things that won’t be measured.

I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional, a systems analyst and obsessive about how numbers help us to do better. I’m a Toastmaster, a yogini, and stubbornly dreadful at French. I’m also fortunate enough to have worked with and for some of the world’s most capable companies.

And for what it’s worth I passionately believe that performance does matter: both good and bad performance. I believe we all have a deep seated desire to do well in our chosen fields and that understanding how to do better is important. Important for individuals, teams, businesses, and public sector organisations.

So I’m going to write about it. Here. In Getting to Excellent. The world’s new blog. That it didn’t necessarily want. But got anyway.


  1. Caroline - Good to be passionate however is performance only about numbers? how about soft measures? qualitative feedback? often this helps managers more understand than hard cold numbers which clearly have an important role in any organisation.Robert

  2. "all things measurable as well as a few things that won’t be measured"

    Thanks for your comments – you make some very good points.

    Performance is not only about numbers (or even mostly about numbers), but performance management and business intelligence are metrics-based tools to help managers make better decisions. Knowing it is 6am doesn’t tell us whether it is dark or light outside, but knowing it is 6am on the 16/1/09 might give us a better idea. We still have to go outside to see whether it is cold or mild, but the numbers give a good start. Not having a watch or a calendar would put us at a disadvantage to those that have such tools in their toolbag.

    Equally, organisations learn a great deal by measuring key indicators. It doesn’t give them the stories behind the numbers but it gives a good idea about which parts of the business need attention.

    It's multi-faceted, just like most aspects of management, but no less powerful for that.

  3. Very good iniciative! But if I could, I'd say don't forget about the human factor. Numbers are important but not everything I think :)