Thursday, 25 March 2010

We are all connected

Performance measurement can seem threatening. If you measure something I’m doing, you might figure out that I’m not doing it very well. I’m not going to like that, so I’ll probably put every obstacle in your way to make sure any performance measurement initiative is killed off quietly and quickly.

Of course what I’m missing is that improving something isn’t about me, me, me (although I like to think everything is about me, me, me). When we improve something at work it’s pretty much always by a number of people working together so that many more people (customers, shareholders, other employees) can benefit. Because we are all connected; no woman is an island. And no performance improvement initiative is about any one person. Or group of people for that matter. It’s about How We Do Things Around Here, and How To Make What We Do More Efficient.

Which kinda of leaves the whole me, me, me thing looking a bit daft....

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