Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Restaurant at the end of the World

Here on the Isle of Mull everything appears to happen in half time. The roads around the island are single track so no one can drive too fast. The otters appear when they want to, and not until. And the restaurants are few and far between: but no matter, because quality always trumps quantity.

All of which is a long way around of saying that Cafe Fish in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull is well worth a visit when you are next passing. Which makes the restaurant sound less excellent than it is, because no one passes Tobermory, everyone comes here on purpose. Which of course is the best way of doing anything, but not how things always work out.

Cafe Fish is proud of the freshness of its fish, and the high standards in their kitchen. Their culinary flair is reflected in the high numbers that get turned away from their doors for not having booked. “The only things frozen are our fishermen” is printed on their Cafe Fish T-Shirts, and on their business cards and the freshness of their shell fish are on display. For a corner of the world that does rugged scenery better than most it is an enterprise that has succeeded where many others have failed. The restaurant business is every bit as treacherous as the rocks around the island, but Lindsay and Carolyn McDonald have succeeded in building a reputation that resonates for miles around. Good quality fayre, cooked well and served with a smile appears to be as popular with tourists as it is with locals.
Restaurants by their difficult nature are always interesting - as a customer it is the details one notices, but as a business it is the quality and word of mouth recommendations that make the difference.

The Restaurant at the end of the World almost made up for the complete lack of otters in Tobermory harbour this afternoon. Although tomorrow, said Scarlet, is another day.


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  2. Revised comment!
    Sounds like a place Douglas Adams would visit or was that Arthur Dent? Sounds wonderful though and I am most envious of your travel around the highlands.

    Places like this are quite inspirational and show what what can be achieved when someone has the vision and passion, I do so admire and often wonder how people find this place, maybe it is in the air?


  3. Café Fish in Tobermory ... I remember it well from a lunchtime visit earlier this year with my Man. Great food ... missed the tee shirt though! Always next time ...